Scenario planning is a strategic tool to help organisations make better decisions. It is a highly engaging process designed to align thinking, stimulate ideas and overcome the inertia created by uncertainty.

As a futurist with experience in scenarios and strategy development for multi-national organisations, I now help businesses of all shapes and sizes use scenario planning to navigate their way through uncertain situations and complex problems.

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Futurist & Board Advisor

why scenario planning

Organisations are operating in increasingly unpredictable environments. This is making the viability of strategic plans shorter and the planning process harder (after all, it becomes much harder to plan if you’re not entirely sure what you’re planning for).

In such environments, it makes little sense to define a single future and aim for it. Instead, scenario planning helps decision makers define possible future scenarios and then develop a set of strategic options they can pursue when required.

Scenario planning helps build shared understanding between decision makers; it helps them think deeply and critically about the future trends shaping the organisation and it helps in the identification of new strategic opportunities that may previously been hidden.

If you’d like to have a conversation about how scenario planning might be of benefit to your organisation, please get in touch.

The Scenario Planning Guide

How scenario planning can be used to align thinking, stimulate ideas and overcome the inertia of uncertainty


Simon’s scenario planning workshops are as unique as the needs of his clients. As part of the design phase, he will work with you to understand the strategic challenges you’re facing and then create a scenario development and facilitation process that brings the right people along on the journey.

To arrange a time to talk to Simon, hit the button below. Alternatively, you can reach out to Simon on 1300 66 55 85 (within Australia).


Working with Simon is an incredibly enlightening and rewarding experience. Simon developed a series of strategic scenarios for Myli, looking 20 years into the future. His foresight and ability to distil complex information into an engaging story that resonates with the audience is exceptional. Every conversation with Simon takes you on a journey that has many forks in the road and it’s this skill that challenges and develops our strategic thinking. I highly recommend Simon Waller to any organisation.

Leanne Williams

CEO – My Community Library